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Hello there, friends and future gazers! Have you ever pondered what twists and turns our world might take in the not-so-distant future? You're certainly not alone in this curiosity. I've decided to don my cap of futurism and venture into the realm of forecasting what lies ahead. But let’s be clear right off the bat: my predictions are nothing more than speculative guesses a blend of educated estimations, a sprinkle of hope, and a dash of sci-fi flair.

Embarking on this journey through the evolving landscapes of AI, and the expanding universes of AR and VR, I've let my imagination roam free in the realms of possibility. However, take these musings with a grain of salt they're merely my own playful attempts at guessing what's around the technological bend. Chances are, I might not hit the bullseye on most of these predictions. But isn't that the fun part of envisaging the future? It's all about the thrill of the 'what ifs.' So, why not join me on this whimsical adventure through my prognostications? Who knows in a few years we might look back at these with a chuckle, marveling at how many or how astonishingly few came to fruition!

Here are my 34 Predictions for the next 34 Years.

  1. 2024 Q1: Open.AI GPT releases new features for GPT and GPTS, along with their App Store.
  2. 2024 Q2-Q3: Open.AI releases a significant advancement in AI, either a new version of GPT or something entirely new.
  3. 2024: AI-generated video quality improves, allowing for 15 to 30 seconds of coherent video creation.
  4. 2024: The best AI art generators become more accessible to the general public.
  5. 2025: DogeCoin value increases.
  6. 2026 Q4: becomes one of the largest platforms, integrating AI, Crypto, Blockchain, and various digital services becoming the all-in-one platform, for social interactions, news, truth, media, freedom of speech, finance & entertainment.
  7. 2027 Q2: DogeCoin reaches a value of $1 per coin.
  8. 2027 Q3: Computing power doubles/triples as GPU advances, optimizations, and energy make leaps.
  9. 2027: AI assistants on phones and computer operating systems, matching or surpassing GPT-4 capabilities, locally hardwired, without internet access.
  10. 2028: Augmented Reality (AR) becomes more widely adopted.
  11. 2028: High-end AR & VR technologies become far more affordable and useable for everyday people.
  12. 2029: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) emerges.
  13. 2030: Major Breakthrough in the medical field, potentially in something big like cancer treatment or diabetes management.
  14. 2030: Autonomous vehicles completely solve safety and efficiency issues, surpassing human drivers.
  15. 2030: Advanced AI robotics, like the Tesla bot optimus, become more prevalent in day-to-day society, most Americans have encountered or seen one of these bots somewhere.
  16. 2030: The ability for individuals to create Hollywood-level movie productions affordably using AI is achieved. ( You create your own Netflix, or movies.)
  17. 2031: Augmented Reality becomes a core technology, similar to smartphones.
  18. 2031: Governments start adopting autonomous vehicles for public services, including police work.
  19. 2031: Large drones become more affordable, with regulatory considerations for widespread use in deliveries.
  20. 2032: Universal Basic Income (UBI) implemented.
  21. 2032: Deployment of autonomous vehicles in various industries, significantly impacting trucking and logistics.
  22. 2032: AR becomes a major societal staple, akin to smartphones.
  23. 2034: AI robots like the Tesla bot Optimus become much more affordable for the average individual.
  24. 2036: AI robots begin widespread adoption in various industries and commercial services.
  25. 2037: Major brands lose prominence, with influencers and digital avatars becoming the primary focus of sales and marketing.
  26. 2042: Medical advancements enable highly capable robotic limbs for individuals with disabilities.
  27. 2043: Neuralink starts trials for non-medical human augmentation.
  28. 2044: The average human lifespan is expected to reach 150 years.
  29. 2044: Less than 33% of humans work more than 30 hours a week.
  30. 2046: Humans gain the ability to control robots wirelessly using AR and neural augmentation.
  31. 2048: Lifespan escape velocity is achieved.
  32. 2049: Mars colonization begins.
  33. 2054: Superintelligence AI is developed, far surpassing AGI.
  34. 2058: Advances in brain scanning and augmentation enable the uploading of human consciousness to the cloud or robots.

As we journey together through this tapestry of predictions, it's essential to remember that the future is a canvas of endless possibilities. Our world is on the cusp of remarkable transformations, where the lines between science fiction and reality are not just blurred but often erased.

Advancements in technology, AI, and human society that we've explored here are just glimpses of what might be on the horizon. They represent a world teeming with potential, a future where challenges are met with innovative solutions, and dreams are no longer confined to the realm of imagination.

Let’s not forget many of the "Sci-Fi" movies we grew up thinking were pure fiction over the last 40+ years have morphed into non-fiction right before our eyes. This reminds us that what we dream and imagine can often pave the way for what becomes reality. Those once far-fetched ideas from our favorite films have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of our everyday lives.

“I vividly recall watching scenes from Star Trek that featured devices eerily similar to today's smartphones, long before the concept of a ‘smart-phone’ was even a blip on the technological radar. As a child, and then as a young adult, I was utterly captivated by movies like "I, Robot," marveling at the concept of autonomous vehicles and fully autonomous AI humanoid robots that were working jobs like trashmen and mail delivery."

Fast forward 20 years after the movie was released, and here we are, sharing the roads with Tesla's self-driving cars..😮”

And let's not overlook the Hyperloop concept, which is becoming a reality in places like San Francisco. It feels like we're inching closer to those high-speed underground travel scenes from sci-fi films and I-Robot, where characters zoomed around at 200mph+.

"It's almost like we're living in a scene from I-Robot – except the future is now, and it's not 'Sci-Fi'
It’s Sci-Non =
, or as I used to think of it as a kid,
it's Not-Fake 😂."

These realizations are not just exciting – they're a testament to human ingenuity and the power of imagination. So next time you watch an old sci-fi movie, pay attention. You might just be getting a sneak peek at the world of tomorrow.

Let's embrace these predictions with a spirit of adventure and curiosity, knowing well that the true beauty of the future lies in its unpredictability and the infinite paths it offers. Whether we find ourselves marveling at the accuracy of these forecasts or smiling at their naivety, the journey through the corridors of time promises to be as thrilling as the destinations we imagine. What seems far-fetched today might be the reality of tomorrow, and the seeds we plant now will determine the fruits of our future.

Until next time, keep dreaming, keep wondering, and remember — the future is ours to create.

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